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  1. Aline Dantas schreef:

    Despite the fact that I usually enjoy your posts, today I must complain.
    Having a majority of men discussing sexism is just as reasonable as having a majority of white people discussing racism.
    If you want to properly discuss sexism, the first step is to give space for women’s perspective. The prejudice can only be truly perceived by the victims, no matter the empathy in the other side.
    Otherwise it’s better to approach other topics.

    • Kaf schreef:

      Hi Aline, thanks for your eloquent response. You are absolutely right that the perspective of women is crucial in this discussion. On the other hand, it’s precisely in these discussions that it often seems that every man is considered a perpetrator. To my humble opinion, just being a man doesn’t disqualify you in having an opinion on this (delicate) matter. Our article is a reflection on the entire discussion, which was started by a female newspaper journalist. That’s the victim’s perspective, in your own words. This sparked a lot of other reactions, form both men and women, ranging from empathic to vile. This is what our article looks back upon. At KAF we value every opinion and actively try to see all sides to a discussion, and we do not want to shy away from these important topics. Nevertheless, we’ll take your reaction to heart with future posts. [Daniël – KAF]

    • Aline Dantas schreef:

      Hello Daniel, thank you for the quick response. Just to clarify, being a man doesn’t disqualify anyone in having an opinion on sexism, but it will always be a partial and biased opinion. No matter how open minded and engaged a man is. This is simply because a man can’t truly know what sexism is. Men are not in this social place.
      This is exactly why this shouldn’t be the majority of points of view expressed in any article that wants to approach this topic with the importance of deserves.
      It’s important also to highlight that it’s never up to an oppressor to determine if the oppressed (victim, or any other unfortunate word that highlights this distinction) is being hurt. Therefore, men arguing if a female journalist is correct in what she calls sexism is another form of sexism. And this is something that men hardly realize without a woman’s perspective.
      Not intentionally, but this is how sexist bias works.
      Again, it is just like if I, a white woman, decided to criticize a black man that writes about how he suffers with racism. Even though I don’t consider myself racist and don’t consciously act as a racist, I could never understand truly the racism, because this is not the social place that I take. Therefore, my position in such discussion must be, at most, a small participation, trying to learn, never the majority that defines its tone.
      In resume, discussing any prejudice must be a dialog that allows the oppressed part to express their point of view aiming a mutual learning process, otherwise it’s just another reproduction of the prejudice.
      I’m sure that was not the intention of the article and I’m certain that next articles will consider this with more care.
      Again thank you for the prompt response!
      I’m still a loyal reader ????

    • Julia Conemans schreef:

      I am a woman though… I know it’s only one but still.

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